Skincare Routine - Byphasse Cleansing Milk Review

Hi girlies,

I'm back with a follow up to my Clarins Energizer range review which you can read HERE and now I am going to share with you my favourite cleanser of the moment.

 If I'm honest, as I said in my previous skincare post this year I am forcing myself to have a 'proper' skincare routine and this product was quite an impulse buy when I seen it in Mc Cabe's pharmacy for only €3.99 and I had actually watched a video by the lovely BlushBlendBeauty on YouTube recommending this cleanser, I decided this would join my routine!

I have tried cleansers in the past and I'm always amazed at how 'unclean' your face actually is after removing your makeup, which is only proven when you use your cleanser! This one in particular removes even the most stubborn mascara residue which is one of the main reasons I'm such a fan.

I am often weary of trying out new lotions and potions for my skin as I have really dry and sensitive skin, lucky me eh? But this was a pleasant surprize as it didn't aggravate my skin in any way, shape, or form! I find it really hydrates my skin as it is a cleansing milk and it isn't overly fragranced. I actually hadn't been aware of this brand until I heard BlushBlendBeauty speak of it and until I found an entire aisle dedicated to it in my local Mc Cabe's pharmacy! Byphasse actually have everything from cotton pads to shampoo and conditioner all in mahoosive sized 500ml containers for amazingly low prices.

I will definitely be trying the shampoo and conditioner from this range after this successful buy and I completely recommend getting your hands on this if you can!

You can purchase this cleansing milk online at Mc Cabes pharmacy online  HERE

Have you tried any new brands of late?
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx 


  1. I just discover this brand and I love their micellar water!

  2. I use there products,and my fav is the cleansing milk its great and the Face scrub is brill i have very oily skin and its ok 😃


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