Review - Cleanse Off Mitt, campaign bin the wipes!

Hi girlies,

As a beauty blogger, I get the pleasure of reviewing lots of different products in order to see what works and what I think my readers will love, otherwise it doesn't feature on my blog. However, when this little beauty came through my post box I knew I was on to a winner.

Have you ever looked at a product and thought, "why the hell didn't I think of that?" well, when I first heard of the Cleanse Off Mitt, this is the first thing that crossed my mind! The idea of a face cloth mitt made of microfibers, which makes even the most stubborn make up removal an ease, is the brainchild of an Irish company who are on a mission to bin makeup wipes. Hence, #CampaignBinTheWipes

As you can see, the idea behind the product is simple yet affective.

Now onto whether it lives up to what it says on the tin! I can honestly say I can't see myself going back to using a normal face cloth, ever again! My makeup comes off easier than it ever has and I even find myself not needing to use a makeup remover or cleanser to take off stubborn eye makeup as this cloth manages to remove it all, which absolutely baffles me!

I combine this with my Clarins face wash ( review will be posted soon) and I can safely say this mitt has found its way into my daily routine.

Now so where can you all get your hands on  this little wonder product ? It is available from  for only €5!

Will you be getting your mitts on this mitt ? (get it, haha)
Have you found any products lately which you can go a day without using?
I'd love to know!
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx 


  1. Wow, this looks fab! Definitely going to have to grab on of these!

  2. That is what I am talking about. bookedmarked indeed!
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