Wednesday Wishlist - Clothing and Accessories

Hi girlies,
I'm back with my Wednesday Wishlist series to share what I've been craving lately when it comes to fashion and accessories! I have a feeling this is a series that will grow and grow as my list of items I want never seems to vanish!

Onto the items;

1. Three Floor Shade of Blue lace dress available at Cari's Closet - My obsession with this dress has never been stronger, hence the reason you are seeing this in my wishlist not once, but twice in both available colours. If that's not lusting over a dress I don't know what is! I can safely say I will not stop until I own one, if not both of these beauties, because lets face it, LOOK AT IT!!!

2. She blue coat with black leather lapels - I'm starting to really get into this cobalt blue colour as I think it's fab all year round and goes surprisingly well with my hair colour, which can tend to get in the way when choosing outfit colours! This coat is just the perfect winter coat in my book, as if you know me, I am not into coats in the slightest as I find it's so difficult to find a stylish one, but here it is, a stylish winter coat! This may just be my next payday purchase!!

3. Missguided grey eyelash cropped jumper - I, like every other blogger on the planet, am loving the eyelash jumper trend and especially the cropped versions. Grey is another one of my colour obsessions of late so this combiens all my latest loves and therefore must be mine, simples!!

4. Missguided gold metal waist belt  - Yes I know, everyone and their granny's cat has their hands on this gold metal belt but I just love it and can't really understand why I don't own one yet!

5. Cari's Closet gold cuff bracelets - Again quite a common piece of jewellery found on bloggers and fashion lovers alike lately but it seems to be missing from my collection! I love how large these ones are and I feel wearing them as a pair dresses up any outfit for day or night!

6. Three Floor nude lace dress - I can't help but talk about this beauty one last time. Here it is in a stunning nude colour, perfect teamed with a killer pair of heels. Ahh I need it!

And that's it girlies my latest loves in the fashion and accessory world which more than likely will all be mine by my next Wednesday Wishlist post if my latest shopping antics are anything to go by. I will try and refrain must think of Christmas shopping, for others, for now;) !
Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx 


  1. Loving the blue coat!

  2. if you are looking for a similar style to the three floor dresses if not pretty identical, check out they have the a long and short version in blue and the black also. And the best part they are for a fraction of the price!

  3. I love the blue dress!



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