Wednesday Wishlish - Cosmetics

Hi girlies,
Continuing on with my series themed blog posts I am sharing with you my very first Wednesday Wishlist! Each week will vary from clothing to cosmetics to random, depending on what I'm craving at the time!
I hope you enjoy it as I love reading these kind of posts, partially because I'm nosey, but also because they give me great ideas for little presents to myself which I didn't realise I needed, of course my bank balance would prefer these kind of posts didn't exist though, but if you don't treat yourself, who will!

Onto the wishlist !

1. Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation - I have recently been seeing this foundation pop up more and more and one of my all time favourite beauty gurus Little Kiva on YouTube swears by this foundation if you are a fan of a full coverage look, which, lets face it, clearly I am!

2. Naked 3 - Every beauty blogger and their cat are waiting patiently for the launch of this bad boy. It will remain on my wishlist until the 25th of December when my local Debenhams told me they will have it in, yes the day AFTER Christmas, heartbreaking stuff.

3. Ben Nye Banana Powder -  I have wanted this setting powder for as long as I have known what it was since that infamous Kim K under eye triangle trick was revealed, but somehow it has never found it's way into my makeup bag. If I have no other New Years resolution then it is solely to buy this!

4. Mac Soft and Gentle Highlighter - I feel like I have cheating the beauty blogger world by not hearing of this cult product until a friend from work showed it to me at the weekend. I can't believe I have let this little gem pass me seeing as bloggers have been using it since the stone age.

And there you have it my first Wishlist, there's plenty more where that came from!

Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx 

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  1. I want the Naked 3 too!!! Which Debenham's said it'll be after Christmas?


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