Manicure Monday - Marc Jacobs Daisy Inspired

Hi girlies,

In an effort to blog more often, as I feel like I'm neglecting my blog slightly lately, I have decided to take part in blog series such as Manicure Monday, Wishlist Wednesday etc.

So onto my first post and to share my latest nails. If you know me you know it's rare I have minimal nail art, my nails are something I love to go OTT on, which my latest claws show!!

 Apologies for Instagramming the life out of the above picture, but it just makes everything look so damn pretty!

So, hopefully you enjoyed my first instalment from my new 'Manicure Monday' series, my nails will only ever be designed by my mama bear for those of you wondering!

Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx 

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