Schuh Press Day - A/W13 collection

Hi girlies,
I'm back to share with you the fab event I attended yesterday in Kellys hotel in Dublin, namely the Schuh A/W13 press day. The expression "shoes, glorious shoes" couldn't be more fitting, as guests were shown some amazing footwear, ranging from purple velvet block heels, sporty hightops with a 5" heel, to tapestry covered brogues, Schuh certainly left no trend uncovered!

Picture 1.Runway €83, Dress Rehearsal €96 Picture 2. (names are unpublished to date) Picture 3. Night Wish (x2)€77 Picture 4. Red or Dead Cabaret Glitter  (x2)€96

Not only were we treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming collection, we could also get our nails done by the amazing Tropical Popical, a well known Dublin based nail art bar, while snacking on some breakfast, or in my case the retro pick n' mix!


And I couldn't write a blog post without featuring these bad boys, which will be mine in November when they are released to the public!! To say I'm excited to get my hands on these is a definite understatement!

All in all it was such a great event and a pleasure to attend, so a big thank you to the lovely Dominique and all the Schuh Press Team.

Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx 


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