My worst beauty buys of 2013 (thus far) !

Hi girlies,
I'm back with a different kind of post today and while I don't like giving products bad reviews, I don't want my followers spending their money on products that just don't do justice. 

And here they are the 7 products that have given me the least bang for my buck in 2013!;

(R-L) 1. Nivea Antiperspirant Pearl & Beauty 48h / 2. Superdrug own brand Dry Shampoo / 3. Creightons Bronze Ambition Glow N Go / 4. MUA Mega Volume mascara / 5. Essence Lash & Brow clear mascara / 6. Rimmel Vinyl Jelly 007 Fudge / 7. Rimmel Vinyl Jella 010 Tasty.

1. I thought it would be fitting to start with the worst buy of them all and that, without a doubt, goes to Nivea's antiperspirant. If there was an award for the deodorant that leaves the most white marks this would be a hands down winner. When you spray this under your arms, no matter what distance away from your pit, this will form white powder, which then falls all over your clothes, great! not.

2. This product was bought completely on a whim as it was buy one get one free on a rare trip to Superdrug ( one of the downsides of living in the Republic of Ireland! ) and I can honestly say this does nothing other than leave a nice smell in your hair! No change in the greasiness of your hair whatsoever. I am quite lucky as I don't suffer from greasy hair, however, I had to share this in this post as it doesn't do what it says on the tin at all!

3. While I have never heard of the brand Creighton, I am a sucker for trying out new fake tan brands. This smells amazing think coconut and not your usual biscuit scent from fake tan, however it is extremely light and when I say that I mean barely there! There is no added concealment like in Sally Hanson or other moose tans. I have tried wash off tans in the past like Rimmel's one but this is definitely the worst I've tried.

4. Despite only paying £3 (€4.25) I still expected more from MUA. The actual mascara doesn't really stick to the brush, which means you can only get a 'barely there' coating of mascara.

5. I'm not really sure why I bought this product as I never really have problems with my eyebrows staying put, but this just gave me a wet, sticky texture on my brows and if anything took my brow shadow off!

6 & 7. These lip liners were £1 (€1.25) and I can see why! Don't get me wrong the colours are fab, and very true to what the liner shows, however it vanishes in seconds! I was really disappointed as if the lasting power had of been better, ie. existed, they definitely would have been in the favourites!

Have you had any unfavourable experiences with products of late ?
Do you like seeing posts like this or do you feel they are too negative ?
I'd love to hear!
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx 


  1. I love posts like these, they're so helpful! I found that dry shampoo equally as useless!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I LOVE the glow n go fake tan! Although, I use the cream on that builds. I usually put it on after I use St Moriz because it makes the colour so much more natural looking! Then I just use it for the rest of the week to hold the St Moriz intensity! Then was it all off at the end of the week and start again! I does smell amazing!

    Such a fun wee post! I thought that MUA mascara sucked too :( leaste it was only £1 wasted.


  3. Completely agree with the superdrug dry shampoo, they are terrible!! :)


  4. Nice to read a blogpost that tells about bad products!

    Great read! xo

  5. I agree with the mua mascara and fake tan - I have both and dislike both! xx

  6. I love these kind of posts!
    I totally agree about that dry shampoo! i got it when it was on buy one get TWO free, I should have known that that didn't exactly scream quality having a deal like that haha but I ended up just using them as body spray/hair perfume type products, cos they did nothing!!!
    I hate the MaxFactor Smoky Eye Effect sticks, they smudge SO badly and the colours are greasy!!

    The Beauty Belle

  7. I also bought the Mua mascara and the Superdrug dry shampoo and didn't like either of them. When I go to Superdrug I tend to over spend as not often I get to one in Ireland! xxx

  8. More posts like these please!
    LOVE your blog XX


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