Review - Fake Bake Beyond Bronze

Hi girlies,
I have been meaning to write a review on this post forever, I actually had one written and saved in drafts to publish but it deleted itself so here we are again!
I have had this product for a good year, maybe even 18 months, but I've only started to use it religiously this past month or so and I cannot believe I've neglected this amazing product for so long!

Despite its name, I would never EVER use this product as a bronzer, it has far too much of a shimmer and glow to it for that. I have been using this above my blush, down the bride of my nose, on my cupids bow and slightly on my chin (not too much as you don't want your chin to be the focus point of your face, unless your going for the Popeye look!)

I actually purchased this product in TK Maxx which is fab for picking up popular products at a fraction of the RRP. I was drawn to this product as I had actually read that many celebs such as Jenny Frost and Jessie Metcalf swear by it.

The pigment of this highlighter is amazing one swipe onto the brush and you're good to go!
Here is an example of a before an after with just one brush stroke of this little wonder product;



The finish looks alot more silver toned in this picture, whereas in reality it has more of a golden sheen.I love the dewy, healthy finish it gives your makeup.

Overall I couldn't recommend this product enough, it will last an eternity and the pigment is amazing. Perfect for anyone who loves a sunkissed, glowy finish.

Have you tried this product or indeed any Fake Bake products?
What's your favourite highlighter ?
Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx

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  1. Gorgeous! It looks a lot like the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. So dewy x


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