Irish Blog Awards 2013

Hi girlies,
Ok so as most of the British bloggers will know Irish or overseas bloggers, unfortunately, could not enter the Cosmo Blog Awards. However three lovely Irish ladies have decided to create the Irish Blog awards.

While this isn't the first year of the awards, this is the first year I will be entering and I would absolutely love your help!

The most suitable category for my blog is obviously the "Best Beauty/Fashion Blog". There are a few details you need to know when nominating my blog or indeed the blog of your choice for these awards.

1.Email of blog you are nominating -
2. Name of blog - Lola Rose Irish Fashion and Beauty Blogger
3. Web address -
4. A short explanation as to why you are nominating this blog.

To vote click HERE

Obviously I would absolutely love if you chose my blog to nominate but alternatively if there are any other Irish bloggers you follow get voting as it is great to finally see Irish bloggers receiving recognition.

Have you voted ? Let me know and I will repay you in virtual hugs and kisses!
Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx 


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