Review - Dove Compressed Deodorant

Hi girlies,
Today I've decided to share with you my review on compressed deodorants and in particular Dove's version.
Cast your mind back to April when I was lucky enough to attend the Dove Difference event held in the Merrion hotel in Dublin ( blog post HERE ). I received the most amazing goodie bag filled to the brim with fab Dove products, one of which being a compressed deodorant in the fragrance pomegranate and lemon verbena - ooohhh fancy!

 Ok, so Dove pride this new innovative product to last exactly as long as the previous 150ml can, except in a new 75ml form.
Do I agree ? Completely! I cannot believe it has been two, nearly three months since I have been using this little can of genius and it still hasn't ran out.
Formula - At the event I was speaking to a lady from Dove who told me that they had completely changed the formula so that it wasn't cold to the skin and not as harsh feeling. If I'm honest I just nodded but thought to myself 'yeah yeah yeah'. I eat my words! Spraying this leaves an almost silk like feeling to the skin and the most important and impressive element to me was that it didn't turn into white powder if you spray too much or spray it too close to the skin.
Price - The RRP is €3.76 and I would happily pay this for this fab little product.
This deodorant is perfect for festivals, trips in your handbag and for holidays.

Have you tried a compressed deodorant?
What are your thoughts ?

Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx

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  1. Wow they sound amazing. I've not tried them yet as I thought they'd probably be rubbish haha! I will definitely buy one now as I hate how harsh my deodorant feels on my skin xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie


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