Hair Tutorial - Does My Bun Look Big In This ?

Hi girlies,
I'm back with my first hair tutorial! When I finally got my hands on an XL SleepIn Rollers big hair bun which you can get here I knew I wanted to do a hair tutorial asap on how I use mine and here it is!

What you need;
  • Hair spray
  • Bun ring (sleep in roller or any other brand or size)
  • Curvy grips
  • Stretchy hair bobble
  • Straighteners (if you don't already have straight hair)
Step 1;
Put your hair into a tight, neat and high pony tail. Use straightners if your hair is curly like mine.Apply hairspray to get rid of fly away hairs.

Step 2;

Put the bun ring over the pony tail.

Step 3;
Flip your hair upside down so that underneath your hair is now covering the front of the bun.

Step 4;
 photo 004-1_zps9fb68369.jpg
Put your stretchy bobble over the bun ring. Alternatively you can use curvy grips to pin the hair in place. Ensure to leave two chunk of hair at either side of the bun.

Step 5;
Plait the two chunks of hair one at a time. Pinning each one at the opposite side of the bun when done.

Step 6;

 photo 012_zps337d8aa6.jpg

Ta Daaaa, your done! Spray with hairspray to enusre a sleek, long lasting hold!

Have you got your hands on an XL Sleepin Rollers bun ring yet?
Will you be trying this look?
Should I do more hair tutorial posts?
Until next time girlies..LolaRose..xx


  1. I love doing buns like this but never thought about doing plaits, that's so cute!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love these buns but they're super hard to do on my hair! I love to know if you color your own hair and if so what color do you use, I am thinking of going red and am totally scared but so want to do it!

    1. If you have fine hair I would imagine it would be a lot harder! I just use swartzcoff xxl live in red passion:) I'm getting sick of my hair colour though because its been like this for so long!!

  3. Wore my hair like this today minus the plait. :) x

  4. I love doing buns but never tried doing a plait with them.
    Great tutorial you should do more :).

    1. Thanks Sophie I defo will:)

  5. Gorgeous, love it!

  6. Ooh great idea to do your own plaits, I use a fake one usually! xx


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