Review - Argan oil shampoo and conditioner

Hi girlies,
Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@LolaRoseBlogger) will know that I couldn't wait to share with you the amazing hair care purchases I picked up in Primark of all places!
And here they are 'hair essentials Argan oil shampoo and conditioner....

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Price; As you can see I bought these for £2.50 each so if they were really crap I wasn't going to mind but boy was I surprised!

Packaging; the overall packaging is sleek and simple the only change I would like to make is the lid I hate the push up lids as getting the product out is virtually impossible!

Fragrance; this was my least favourite thing about these products I didn't feel they smelt remotely like argan oil, which I really like, instead there was a really indescribable odd smell!

Back of the bottle talk; the main reason I bought these products was because it stated they were paraben free (thinking of the durability of my hair colour!!) and moisture hydrating. My hair is extremely dry due to excessive curling I know it's bad for my hair but its my trademark!! Without a doubt my hair felt so much silkier and healthy, for me to say it was fully hydrated would be a lie however it definitely did make a slight difference and I would imagine with excessive use it would make a noticeable difference.

Where to buy; I have literally never seen this shampoo and conditioner anywhere else other than Primark!

Overall; I would definitely repurchase both of these products I think it would be a shame to just buy one as to see the real effects of any hair care product it is always best to use its complimentary product. For the price alone I think anyone would be mad not to give these a go! I am nearing the end of my bottles, and I really can't fault these products! Who ever said base quality on price hasn't been introduced to any Primark gems like these!

Have you ever tried these products?
Have you found these products in somewhere other than Primark ? 
Would you consider using a brand that isn't well known ? 

Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx 


  1. Definitely going to try these, can't go wrong with £2.50! x

  2. I trust in L'uvalla Organic skin care products since I reviewed their Balancing Day Night Cream and Hydrating Milk Cleanser.I was excited when I got chance to review another product from this company. This time I reviewed Anti-Aging argan oil Serum.


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