Dove Difference Goodie Bag - Haircare Products Review

Hi lovelies,
I'm back with a review on what I thought of all my Dove goodies I received in my goodie bag from the Dove Difference event (see the blog post on this event HERE )

When we arrived at the event we were each given Dove Passports which were filled with products recommended to us via the specialists and then we were lucky enough to be given each item we were recommended.

I have decided to split my reviews into seperate posts as you would be reading a 8000 word essay if I were to try and review them all in one post!

Just to clarify I am in no way, under any influence to write a "good" review for Dove but I genuinely do adore every single product I was given, which may make me look like a total sycophant!!

Now onto me yapping on about my new found love for Dove,


Obviously as an avid and excessive user of hair dye, I was given the colour radiance damage solution range of hair care which included shampoo, conditioner and express treatment conditioner.
Back of the bottle talk; The theory behind this range is that it contains barely any sulphate which increases the lasting power of your hair colour (for more tips on how to make your colour last you can find my how to make your red hair colour last post HERE ) it helps make your colour more vibrant and it also helps to repair some of the damage colouring does to the hair.

Shampoo; As soon as I put this shampoo onto my hand I could feel the difference. It didn't feel like normal shampoo in the slightest it almost felt heavier, yet when I put it onto my hair it lathered instantly. For those of you who have ever used Johnston's baby shampoo in order to prevent hair  colour loss you will know that this is an element that you miss deeply, a good ol' lather!

Conditioner; There was a thick yet not heavy feel to this conditioner which worked instantly in leaving my hair softer and easier to brush, which is great when you have a mane like mine!

Intense treatment conditioner; I have used this only twice as I want to keep it for when my hair is in dyer need of some treatment however I have loved it more each time I've used it. It's mask like consistancy feels so luxurious on the hair.

Smell; These products have such a gorgeous sweet, floral and summery scent to it which stays in your hair after you wash it out which is a great bonus.

Does it actually work?; I can honestly say my hair has never felt as soft and I have never seen as little hair colour wash down the drain as it has since I started using these products.

So there you have it, highstreet products that actually does what it says on the tin.
More Dove product reviews on their way ;)
Until next time girlies...LolaRose xx

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