Review - Garnier Body Intensive 7days Replenishing Lotion

Hi girlies,
A few weeks back I entered a competition to win this lotion, and guess what I did! WOOOO!

I can't explain how much I love this product from it's mango smell to the fact it isn't too thick. Also the fact that I was sent the Dry Skin version was perfect for me.


What Garnier Says; A consumer study shows that Garnier Body Intensive 7days Lotion is so hydrating, skin still feels moisturised even 7 days after your last application. 
- I totally agree

Packaging; I really like the shape of the bottle. It reminds me of sun cream and the colour of the bottle is so fresh and easily recognised  in your bathroom cupboard!

Texture; It has the perfect consistancy for me I hate when you feel like you have a mask on after applying a lotion but this is light yet nourishing.

Price; Although I didn't pay for this product I certainly would pay it's £4.99 price tag.

Does what it says on the tin?; Absolutely! I put this on my arms on Wednesday it is now Friday and I can definitely feel how soft and hydrated they are. I will be feeling again next Wednesday to see does it live up to its 7day claim!!

I really can't say enough good things about this product ladies it's a must have in the cold whether when everyone seems to suffer from dry skin.

Have you tried this lotion?
Would you pay £4.99 for it?
Have you won any great freebies lately?

Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx 


  1. I have the cocoa butter one and it's lovely :)
    The Life of Emily-Alice

    1. I might just have to try that one too !

  2. I do love this body lotion! I have the cocoa butter one and it smells yummy :)

    1. Oh I can only imagine how yum it would smell!!

  3. Sounds great - I love the hand cream from the same range!

  4. I love mango...I bet that smells amazing!!

  5. I love this stuff, it smells and does such amazing things! x

  6. i havnt tried this lotion, but i have such dry skin in the winter i should really give this one a try because this year mine have not been working as well as they have in the past!!


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