Product Review - Tweezerman Tweezers

Hi girlies,
Ok so recently I decided to see what all the hype was about in relation to Tweezerman tweezers. Everyone's Mother and their cat is loving these award winning tweezers so surely they were worth a splurge.
I bought the "Mini Slant Tweezer"(as pictured below) in Boots for £14.80. I chose the lilac  polka dot version as my Boots hadn't got a big selection but you can see they other adorable designs on the Tweezerman website HERE/. I know some of you may be reading this and gasping, you paid the guts of £15, (€18) on a pair of tweezers, you mad woman! But these my friends are worth every red cent!

The precision is AMAZING. If you like me, find yourself targeting a certain stray eyebrow hair you wish to remove but instead remove half the skin around that hair you definitely won't have that problem with these bad boys. I love how they have a little clear, plastic container to keep they safe in your handbag. This also stops them becoming blunt and scraping things like the screen of your phone (bad times) They are sharp without being painfully sharp which is always a bonus plus they actually come with a free sharpening guarantee ! They also have solved the age old problem of tweezers slipping from your hands. I honestly can't say enough good things about these tweezers!

As I have recently joined twitter (@LolaRoseBlogger) I have followed @TweezermanUk and I love how they have a #TweezermanBeautytips where fellow tweeters can share their plucking tips and tricks so I've decided to share some of mine;

  • Never use a magnified mirror when plucking your eyebrows, it only encourages over plucking!
  • Get your eyebrows professionally plucked/waxed/threaded so you have got a basic shape to follow and keep this shape with your tweezerman tweezers of course ;) 
  • Never use a eyebrow pencil more than 2shades darker than your own eyebrows
  • Set eyebrow pencil with some clear mascara/brow gel
  • Wash you face with hot water immediately before plucking, your pores will be open and therefore it will be less painful!

Have you got any eyebrow tips?
Have you ever tried Tweezerman tweezers?

Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx 


  1. thanks for this review, I am always seeing these and wondering if they are worth the money. the ones ive got just now are so rubbish, I pretty much get a new pair of tweezers every month or so because they get so blunt quickly and they suck at pulling out shorter hairs. The amount ive bought i could have probably gotten at least two tweezerman pairs haha xx

    1. Thats the worst of it sometimes we end out spending more than we would on a good brand on crappy quality things!!
      Defo worth it lovely :)


  2. I always thought these were overpriced but now I am tempted!

  3. Great review! i use the same tweezers but mine are in pink :D

    Btw i received the jewelry and did a post on it! :D thanks hun the jewelry is gorgeous! xxx


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