Tweet Tweet - I've Popped My Twitter Cherry!

Hi girlies,

I had to set up a twitter account for college and I thought why not kill two birds(excuse the pun!) with the one stone and set it up as part of my blog!
This is not a personal twitter account (as I don't have or want one)  and so it will only be filled with blog related topics!
Feel free to add me my fellow bloggers and bear with me as I haven't a clue how to work it !!
All tips are welcome ! 



  1. Following you hun! :)
    My twitter is egtx3

  2. Yay thanks darling,
    I followed you too :D

  3. love your blog! i'm also trying to figure the whole twitter thing out! i've realized it's slightly difficult to stuff meaning into 140 characters. following you now! i'm @EllaSincerely.

    also, before realizing you've already been nominated a few times, i recently nominated you for the Liebster Award! if you want to participate again you can find my post at:

  4. I'll go follow you now! Mine is @PWMakeup if you want to stop by and say hi! x


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