Tag - What's In My College Bag ?

Hi girlies!
I am so nosey when it comes to what's in people's bags I absolutely love these sort of tags, but seeing as I have been doing college OOTD's and college stationary haul I've decided to continue my college theme:)

So here is my latest bag that has been given the task of hauling my new college books around!!

Peacocks - £14 down to £9 (WOOOOO!!)
Ok so other then my pencil case, copys and stationary which you can see here what else has found it's way into my college bag?
1. Beyonce "Heat" Perfume.
2. Car Keys.
3. Antihistamines tables for allergies.
4. Painkillers.
5. Garnier Invisi Dry 48 hour Deoderant (amazeballs)
6. Essential make up back (from Pennys)
7. RiverIsland Purse.
8. Umberella with frills and bows (from Pennys)
Seeing as I've only been at college less then a week my bag has filled up nicely but I'd like to think I won't have to add any more junk into it as I may just dislocate my shoulder if I have to carry around even more "necessities" !!
What's in your college bag? I tag YOU ALL :)
Have you got similar things in your bag?
Am I missing anything?
Until next time girlies... LolaRose xx


  1. My bag is choc-a-block with unnecessary things, haa. Your bag looks so much more convenient compared to mine x

    1. Haha a good decluttering is in order for you then :)

  2. I love that bag! What a bargain :)


    1. It's actually a mock of a RiverIsland one which makes it even better!!
      Thanks for your comment hun :)


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