HUGE Birthday Haul !!

Hi girlies, ok so on the 21st of September I celebrated my 19th bithday woooo!!
I had absolutely no idea what I wanted from either my parents or my boyfriends so the simpliest move was to accept money from the parents and a surprize from the boy!
Of course some presents were bought as come on everyone needs something wrapped to rip open to make you get into the "birthday spirit!". Obviously I won't discuss the amount of €'s I recived but I certainly got enough to treat myself :)

Now onto the gifts !!!

 Mustard and brown handbag (LOVE THIS)
Gold Satchel.

Black leather satchel with fringing (LOVE THIS ALSO HAHA)
 Epson touch-screen printer, scanner and photocopier (I seriously needed this for college!)
Thomas Sabo shoe charm.
Intimately Beckham perfume.
Makeup set.
Samsung Galaxy s3 cover (apologies for stock cover I forgot to take a picture of mine and I'm simply to lazy now!!)
Lets face it whether its Christmas or your birthday there will ALWAYS be a pair of socks!
"The essentials" St. Moriz Tan! (Apologies it has been used)
And I saved the best Present until last.... This is what happens when I let my boyfriend surprise me!!
To say I was shocked would be an understatement!! I'm in love ! haha.
Now onto the spending of my birthday money thus far!!;
 Black with Gold studding pumps - Pennys €13
Cream studded pumps - Pennys €13
Black with silver studding pumps - NV (random boutique) £14.99
Peach hi-tops - Pennys €9
POW knitted jumper - Pennys €14
Checked shirt - Pennys €13
Sleeveless shirt - New Look (kids section) €5 SALE
Burgundy Jeans - Primark £14
Burgundy and pink knit jumper - Primark £14
Burgundy and cream jumper - Primark £14
Ok so I wasn't lying when I said it was quite huge!! I hope it didn't bore you all too much and you like my gifts and indeed purchases, ps. I was in no way bragging about my gifts I simply love reading these sort of posts myself as I am a nosey git ! haha!
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx


  1. I love the gold satchel And studded pumps! Hope you had a nice birthday x

  2. You are so lucky with a boyfriend like that, wow a car! Have great fun with it dear! :-) Love your 'POW' knit, where did you get it from? I've discovered you through Blog Hop and followed you btw! Would mean a lot if you'd check my blog out. ;-) x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

    1. Thanks so much hun I'l check out your blog now :)

  3. Your presents are amazing, your such a lucky getting a car :) X

  4. Hi, I'd just found you on bbu blog hop :D have followed- return the favour?:)xx

    1. Sure I'll check out your blog now :)

  5. Happy belated birthday!! You got some great presents hun!
    Your a lucky girlie getting a car!! :)

  6. wow such great gifts !! I wish I was you right now haha Happy late B-day!

    xoxo, Adela

  7. Ahhhhh you got a car!!!! How fab!!!!! Very lucky girl. Love your lil collection of studded pumps, I have a pair of them and they are amazing, like slippers you can go out in. Happy Belated Birthdayy x x


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