Etsy Store Review - Forever Young Store & 10% DISCOUNT CODE.

Hi girlies,
This is a slightly different post from me today. Last night after the Xfactor and indeed the Xtra Factor I found myself having absolutely nothing to do other than a little Etsy admiring. For those of you who aren't aware of what Esty is (This was me 2weeks ago..Shame on me!!) it is an online collection of stores like eBay but more personal and each store is completely different selling homemade to vintage items. You too can browse Etsy here.

I decided I was feeling girly and wanted to look up all things pretty, pink and basically anything a 12year old girl would love(despite turning 19 next week, I'm such a child at heart). These desires were completely fulfilled when I found the lovely Kay's store Forever Young. So I got in contact with her to find out more about her and her store. She told me a heartbreaking story of how she makes her bracelets when her terminally ill husband rests, my heart instantly melted for her and I wanted to give her adoreable products and her store more publicity if possible.

Here is an idea of some of her danity pieces;
Barbie Bracelet Retails at €11.70 /£9.45/$14.95.
Miss Kitty Geek Bracelet Retails at €11.70/£9.45/$14.95
Barbie Ring Retail at €7.80/£6.30/$10
Princess Cinderella Carriage Bracelet Retails at €13.26/£10/$16.95
Personalized ID Name Bracelets Retails at €11.70/£9.45/$14.95
All of the above are made to order and colours sizes and names (obviously) can be changed.
Each item comes giftwraped.
Despite the fact that she states they are childrens bracelets it is simply due to the child like designs they are based on I assure you they can fit adults too!
I have been in no way affiliated for this review I was simply touched by Kay's story and wanted to play my part. In return Kay wanted to give my followers a 10% discount, making her bracelets extremly inexpensive.
10% Discount is obtained by stating LEONA10% when you order.
I would love to see Kay's sales increase even if it is just by one or two due to this blog as she really did pull on my heartstrings.
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx


  1. Omw! These are all super cute1 I will deffo going on to have a look, thanks for sharing!!


    1. Great :)
      Oh and even ones that say childrens, fit adults I asure you!!

  2. That barbie bracelet is sooo damn cute x

    1. Isn't it just adorable it's one of my favs!!

  3. Wow this store looks so amazing. I love all the Hello Kitty stuff, even the Barbie bracelet is cute. Really pretty!
    btw; I found your blog through the BBU Blog Hop. <3

  4. These are too adorable! I'll definitely be checking Kay's store :) xxx

  5. These are gorgeous!! I'n now off to check out her other items! :)

  6. so cute <3

    Jenny /

  7. Awww so lovely :) <3
    Love India


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