Small Haul - I Popped My NYX Cherry!!

Hi girlies ok so I finally gave into the NYX hype and bought myself a few lip products.
But where does a girl from Ireland get her hands on NYX products I hear you ask? Good ol' eBay of course;) And you can get yours from THIS very link :)

What I bought;
1. NYX Lip Liner in the shade #LPL14 Mauve -  £2.95 Free P&P
2. NYX Lip Gloss in the shade #RLG30 Sorbet  -£3.99 Free P&P
3. NYX Lipstick in the shade #LSS595 Strawberry Milk  - £4.99 Free P&P


As you can see from the swatches the lip liner is a browny reddy colour that works great with almost all shades of neutral-pink
The lip gloss is a warm almost peachy shade that gives a nice subtile shine to the lips
The lipstick in my opinion is a little too pale for me but would work well on fair skin.

Over all I am so happy with my NYX products & would highly reccommend buying NYX products from the seller mentioned about, FREE P&P ? gets me everytime!!

Have you brought NYX products from eBay?
Do you have any NYX lip products?

Until next time girlies, Lola Rose.. xx


  1. love the lipgloss - very pretty :)

  2. Love the look of the lipgloss - really pretty shade - must have a hunt for it.
    I really like Nyx cream blushes - theyre really good :) xx

    1. Oh i must try some cream blush its actually something i've never tried despite being a blush-addict!!

  3. these look lovely! I've never tried anything from NYX either but their stuff looks fab x

    1. Yes I'm so impressed & thats only with their "lesser known" lip products!


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