OOTD - Love for Leopard - Miss Selfridge DUPE

Hi girlies,
I'm back with another OOTD to share some of my recent purchases with you! Once again its an off the shoulder knitt wear piece!! but as always I hope you like it:)
Tigers Head Jumper - TK Maxx £16.99
Leopard Print Jeans - RiverIsland £15 (in the sale)
Brown Booties - Primark/Pennys €18
(Ps I haven't used the wrong money symbols I live near Northern Ireland so I get to benefit from the cheaper £ !!)
Now is it just me or is this jumper below extremly similiar if not identical to the one I've got on?

Well this jumper is in fact from  Miss Selfridge and is £39 on Miss Selfridge online
 I was in Miss Selfridge in Dublin and it is actually being sold for €60 !!
Me & my mum couldn't believe it when we lay our eyes on it! It's basically my jumper for nearly triple it's pricetag!
I also have another "stopped me in my tracks" clothing item coming soon. After purchasing from Pennys/Primark only to walk into RiverIsland to see the exact same thing exactly 4TIMES THE PRICE!!
Has this happened to you?
Do you think this is a good dupe?:)
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose


  1. those leopard print jeans are to die for! I'd kill for one! Loving this outfit :) the jumper is gorgeous too, i really adore your fashion style :)

    and wow, can't believe alot of stores sell identical jumpers but the prices have huge differences, I guess we pay for the brand name which is unfair because they look the same anyway and I bet the quality is almost identical too.

    1. Thanks so much darling:)

      Yes isn't it unbelieveble! You are so right all we pay for is brand names!
      If anything the quality of my cheaper jumper is better and it even has a gold shimmery thread through it which the Miss Selfridge one doesnt!!

      Thanks again for your comment lovely:)

  2. So pretty! It looks lovely on you :)


  3. You are so adorable! I love your hair, such a gorgeous colour. I love how you've paired the top with the leopard leggings, great combo!

  4. hey thank you for your coment you´re really beautiful!!!!! i love the sweater it looks perfect on you !!! keep on rocking i´m now follow you :) greetings www.yuliekendra.com

    1. Aw thank you so much i am in love with your blog so it's so nice to hear you are now following me!!


  5. The outfit looks great! What a bargain for the jumper too!! (I think I prefer your jumper to the more expensive one!)

  6. LOVE YOUR HAIR. Fab jumper also so ;) haha

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo


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  7. love your post and your from ireland yeppy :D plz check out my blog :) x
    awhere is ireland u from ?? x


    1. Hi hun aww its so nice to hear from another irish blogger:D
      Im frm Monaghan wbu lovely? Im headin over to ur blog nw?:)



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