Liebester Blog Award

Hi Girlies !

Recently I have been lucky enough to recieve this award from not only one blogger but two lovely lovely girls.. The lovely Leanne from Makeupblast and the beautiful Shifa from MissShifaP 

Its so nice to have already recieved blogging recgonition so early on in my blogging life!!
Now onto the legal stuff......

1. Each person tagged must write 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer all 11 questions that the blogger that has nominated you has set before creating 11 more questions for the people that you intend to tag for this award.
3. Choose 11 people to tag and name them in a post about the Liebster Award.
4. Go to their pages and tell the bloggers you have tagged them.
5. No tag backs allowed.
11 things about me, myself & I;
1. I am an only child!
2. This is actually my 2nd blog and although I had the nicest of followers (Which i hope will eventually find this blog too!) I felt my blog was quiet amature with its crappy photo quality ect!
3. I have a fake tanning obsession!
4. I struggle to leave the house with no makeup on!
5. I cannot believe how nice all the girls are to eachother on Blogger its so nice to see a lack of bitchyness!  
6. I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 today which is absolutely amazinggggg!
7. I treat my Samoyd huskey Poppy like it's a baby!
8. I am going to college in September to study PR
9. None of my friends know I have a blog!!
10. My mum is more like a sister to me then a mum!
11. I have had a boyfriend for just over 2 & a half years now
Onto the questions & seeing as both Leanne & Shifa have asked me 11 questions each I've decided to combien both of their questions together!
Leanne's Questions;
1.What's your fave makeup brand?
2.Do you like hot or cold weather?

3.Where in the world would you most like to live?
4.If you were late for something would you rather make sure your clothes were perfect or your makeup?
5.Do you like blogging? Or does it feel like a chore to you? Why did you start?
Shifa's Questions;
6. Do you prefer high end or drugstore makeup?
7.Curly or straight hair?
8.How long does it take you to get ready?
9.Whats the one makeup/beauty item you cant live without?
10. Mascara or eyeliner?
11.Blush or bronzer

My Answers;
1. Defiantely M.A.C recently I've been purchasing a lot of their products & I fall more in love with the brand with every purchase!!
2. I love hot weather as clothing is soo much nicer when u don't have to worry about being freezing! but i have to admit i love lying infront of the fire all cosy watching tv!
3. Anywhere in America!! 
4. I think this is such a good question, but i am drawn towards makeup atleast if your face looks half way decent people mightn't notice your crap clothes on the day!!
5. I love blogging thats why i made another blog! I started because i started reading more & more blogs and after watching about 100 youtube videos I decided a blog first videos later!!
6. I didn't really believe in the hype of high end makeup until you buy enough to realise how good it actually is when you compare it! I'm a firm believer of you get what you pay for!
7. Curly all the way!! My hair really doesn't suit me straight:(
8. I'd love to say 30 mins but in reality its 45 verging on 1hour !!
9. Foundation!! if you've got a good base everything else will follow!
10. Mascara otherwise I'm an albino :/ 
11. Blush although recently I've been experimenting with bronzer!!
My Questions;  
1. Do you watch youtube videos? if so who is your fav youtuber?
2. How long have you been blogging?
3. What makes you follow a blog eg good pictures, ootd's ? 
4. What is your favourite nail polish brand? 
5. Who do you look upto in the fashion world? 
6. Do your friends know you have a blog? 
7. Lipstick or gloss?
8. How many blog posts do you post a week?
9. Do you think blogging has given you confidence?
10. Do you go to college? if so what are you studying?
11. Where do you see yourself in 5years?
Thanks again to Leanne & Shifa and be sure to check out their amazing blogs you won't be dissappointed!!

Until next time girlies.. Lola Rose xx 


  1. thanks so much for the nomination hun! it's my 4th nomination for the Liebster Award, I'll make another post for this :)

    Your answers are awesome, it's nice to know more things about you and your blog is great, i followed. :)

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO

    1. oh it turns out i'm already following your blog before =D

  2. ohmygosh thank you so much! I was super surprised when i read your comment on my blog! Thank you! Ill def make a post about it :) Im pleased you commented on my blog because now im found a new blog to follow - i love your blog so far! Looking forward to more posts :) xx

    1. Your very welcome my love & thanks for following :)


  3. Thank you so much for tagging me, lovely!! I haven't seen it until now, because I'm just a horrible blogger lately when it comes to comments and interacting. I've already done the liebster tag, but I'll make sure that I'll use your questions (and name!) in another tag! Cause I really like the questions you came up with!

    Again: thank you! :)
    I'm following you btw!



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