eBay- My All Time Favourite eBay purchases

Hi Girlies,

Ok so as an avid blog reader I see more and more bloggers involving eBay in their posts whether it be through their Hauls, Dupes, or just generally letting fellow bloggers know where to source hard to find items!

This got me thinking over the past two years I've bought a lot of items on eBay that were AMAZING! So why not share them with you & give you the link (or an item that is similar's link)

One of my all time favourites if not my favourite eBay buy ever was this John Zack dress

You can imagine my delight when this dress was seen on numerous celebs!

*picture sourced from Google

Of course their dress isn't John Zack it's a Brian Lichtenberg design but I like to think mine is a hell of a good dupe!!

The eBay link to my 18th Birthday dress; John Zack Dress - €40

Next is on to a more bulky item lets say.. It is actually a Spray Tan Machine & Tent!!

It's handy carry-case

The pop-up tent popped up!
A similar pop up tent to mine - Pop Up Tent - €7

The tanning machine itself; "HVLP 700 Celebrity Style"

This Spray Tan Machine is not available anymore but I have found one with the same watt (700) and brand (HVP) HVLP Spray Tan Machine - €135

Another Tanning product this time some fake tan!
Caution this tan is for avid tanners as it is extremly dark (aka extremly up my street)

* Sourced from Google, Apologies for the stock photo I have run out of this tan and have no empty bottles to photograph!

As you can see this tan is called Siennasol and is  one of if not thee most amazing tans I have ever used, even if it does ware off leaving you looking like a leper !
Siennasol tan - €38

Now onto my one million pack of nail art pens !!

*Apologies for the tin of nail art pens it is literally the only way you can physically photograph the sheer amount there is !

I have 48 of these bad boys in total ranging from bright greens, baby pinks to beautiful blues
In my eyes you can never have enough of something like this, beautiful shoes needs beautiful nail- art its common sense!
 My pens are sold out so here is 24 Nail Art Pens - €9

Here is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, this was actually bought as part of my Christmas presents from my mum but I know it was got from eBay!!
Close up of the diamond skulls:)
Unfortunately this necklace was purchased last year & the only necklace that I can find that is remotely similar is this one diamond single skull necklace
Finally on to my 120 Costal Scents dupe pallette, after watching countless of youtubers using pallettes similar to this I knew I had to have one!
*Apologies for the "hit pan" look on some of the colours!!
My exact pallette; 120 eyeshadow pallette
So there you have it ladies, my favourite eBay purchases of all time!
I really hope you liked this post, something different:)

Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx


  1. Ah i loooove ebay also! You get so many great things from there right.. Ive bought so many things from eBay and it never fades to impress me! :D

    1. I know I love finding something I like and then seeing it on eBay for half the price!

  2. the glittery dress is SO nice!!xx

  3. great buys! I really need to get onto ebay more, especially for their nail art goodies :) x

    1. Thanks my love:)
      Yes I would defo recommend them!

  4. I absolutely adore that skull necklace, and the dress is gorgeous too. im a big Ebay fan and sell some my things occasionally too because I just dont get any wear out of allot of my clothes and hate them sitting there x x

  5. that dress is phenomenal! you look so beautiful, i always envy your hair!
    you have such great finds, smart shopper :)

  6. Wow you got some amazing things!
    Can't believe that tanning tent was only £7!
    Love eBay so much :)


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