Dupe Time- Escada Perfume's €2 Dupe!!

Hi girlies,

Usually I think posts about perfume are pretty pointless as no matter how well the blogger/youtuber describes the scent no one really knows if its a perfume they would like.
However as Escada is a highly popular perfume when I found a dupe for the "Rockin'Rio" edition I couldn't wait to share it all with you.

When i was on hols I purchased Escada for my mum as it's virtually impossible to find here in Ireland.
(apologies about the lack of packaging Mum is defo not the hoarding type unlike her daughter!)
I paid €29.99 for the 30ml bottle after shopping around & just adored the scent the sweet, summer twist to it just screams holidays in a bottle.
Back of the bottle talk:  Rockin’ Rio is inspired by the quintessential holiday cocktail. Just imagine sitting with friends in a vibrant and glamorous bar along a sun-drenched Rio promenade, while the beautiful and sun-kissed clientele relax in a colourfully flamboyant scene. The Brazilian beat simmers in the background and builds to a crescendo as the sun sets and the party moves into full swing. As the heat of the day dissolves to reveal the true intensity of Rio, this perfect gift for women is the essence of glamour and passion in the summer time.

Apologies for the enormous link my tab that lets me write "here" decided to hide!!

However, I was extremly disappointed in the lasting power of this perfume. No matter how much I applied first time round after about 20mins I didn't get any compliments on the fact I was even wearing any sort of perfume!

On a random stroll around Pennys (the Irish Primarni) I found the "So.. in Love" bodyspray from the So... Range

I hadn't used anything from the So.. range since I was aged 12 as for some reason I always associated it with younger childern but I decided to try it as I was drawn to the bottle and I couldn't believe what I smelt!!  It was Escada Rockin'Rio in a body spray!
A quick glance at the €1.90 price tag and I was sold, to be honest if it had of said €10 I'd of been sold!

So.. in Love can be found in Boots, Asda, Tesco, Superdrug, Sainsberrys, The Perfume Shop, in many local pharmacys & now in Pennys! So it's very easy to pick up no matter where you are from
Ok so lets face it So.. in Love is bigger (75ml vs 30ml)
A hell of a lot cheaper (€1.90 vs €29.99)
and the scent last longer Mam has even acused me of stealing her Escada when I've been wearing it, a you can't get much better in a dupe then that!

Until next time girlies, LolaRose x

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