Review: Inglot Duraline

As you may know I recently purchased Inglot's Duraline

Back of the bottle talk; Duraline is a special transforming liquid that will turn any powder eyeshadow into a liquid formation

When I actually bought this product I initially thought it was just for gel eyeliners however I couldn't wait to test it out on powder based eyeshadow to see did it work on it too!

I started with the gel liner first. One drop of this little miracle in a bottle works wonders for my gel eyeliner also by Inglot that had become quite dry and had lost its "wet look"

The gel eyeliner I used Duraline is pictured below,

Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel #77 €12


 It worked instantly, I immediately noticed a difference in the shade of the colour, it had went from being black to being BLACK!! I would quite happily buy this product simply for this sole purpose as one drop really does go a long way and does exactly what I had heard about!

Next I tried and tested to see did it do "exactly what it says on the tin"
I put a single droplet into my Sleek Caribbean Palette into the black eyeshadow.

The dropper release button on the lid made it every easy to control the amount you put into the eyeshadow.
When I first dropped the product into the eyeshadow I have to admit I was convinced I had destroyed my eyeshadow and it would never be a M.A.C Carbon Black dupe again!
However I stand corrected!

 I swatched both the gel eyeliner and the new & improved eyeshadow both containing the Duraline and it is virtually impossible to tell the difference !

As you can see it is uncanny how alike these 2 swatches are!
Duraline retails for €10 for a 9ml bottle
you can get it online here
or from your local Inglot store!

Good things definately come in small packages in Duraline's case!

Until next time, LolaRose x


  1. Oh wow! - this seems like such a great product! - i usually hate gel liners since they dry up so quickly! - defiantly going to check this out :) xxx

    1. It really is such a great product and such a good price! you won't regret buying it!!
      Thanks for your comment :) xxx

  2. such a lovely blog!

    I followed you from blog hop!

    Love Ellie xoxo

    1. Thanks hun, so glad you enjoy my blog!
      I'l be sure to stop by yours :)


  3. Oh my! That is incredible!! I think you have me sold! I need to find an Inglot counter somewhere! haha!

    Thanks for following us! :)

    1. It really is such a unique product! let me know if you find one:)


  4. I've been meaning to pick this up for ages, looks amazing X

    1. It really is, thanks so much for following my new blog, I remember your from my old blog!

  5. Ohh I love the eye shadows! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I'm now following you back!

    xo MADDY | spilledpolish


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