I've Been Shopping!! HAUL

What I'm wearing:
knit jumper; Heaven (local boutique)
red vest top: Pennys/Primark
jeans: Pennys/Primark
red shoots(not in pic): Pennys/Primark

Obviously, I've been Shopping again!!
As this is my first post on my brand spanking NEW blog I decided to show you all what I do best.
That my friends is shopping!

I've decided just to show you the cosmetic and electrical, yes i did say electrical! end of the haul and I will show you all my clothing purchases in some OOTD's (for those of you who are completely unaware of what that stands for firstly, SHAME ON YOU! secondly its outfit of the day!)

So on to the purchases!

Firstly I popped into Inglot in the Jervis Centre, Dublin for some Duraline as my gel eyeliner also from Inglot had become dry, and almost flakey. However this is exactly what Duraline was invented for! One drop with each use and your eyeliner transforms itself back into its former glory! It also gives a blacker wetter look to your liner on the eye!
9ml bottle- €10
Review to follow!

Next a trip to the M.A.C store in Brown Thomas, Grafton Street.
I recently got my makeup done in their store and the makeup artist used their Studio Fix Fluid in the colour NC42, which I loved

This was closely followed suit by a second visit to M.A.C!!
Where I purchased the gorgeous, satin finish "M.A.C Red" after being overwhelmed by the amount of red lippy M.A.C has to offer!
And of course no girl can buy red lipstick without the matching lipliner!
I got it in the fab colour "cherry"

Many may think that surely any old red lipstick will "do the job"  
However in my eyes, this is not the case!
Proof to follow in a "coming soon post!!"

Now onto the electrical item!!
Obviously it would be impossible for me to take a picture of my camera with my camera, wooh thats a tounge twister even to write! so I decided the box was the next best thing!
This was a very unexpected gift from my boyfriend who dragged me into the Camera Centre on Henry Street as he was sick and tired of listening to me whine and moan about my old camera breaking!
So a big thank you to John as only for him I wouldn't be having such hi-tech pictures!!
The camera itself is a Samsung ST200F smart camera with wayyy too many features for me to even begin to write about but if anyone would be interested in a post about my new techinical camera I promise to do my homework on all its features to tell you all about it!!
€210 incl. camera case & 4g memory card

Ok so onto the pride and joy of my shopping trip,
Get ready for a shoe-gasim!!!


Yes, they really did need an X-large picture to show off just how fab they are!!
It is impossible to show on camera just how nice (& surprisingly comfy) these shoes really are but I hope this picture does them some justice!
I got these babys in a small boutique on Henry Street Dublin, called Sugarbabes


All in all I admit I didn't buy a great deal of cosmetics or indeed electrical purchases!
But hopefully the clothing part of this haul (coming soooon) will make up for it which includes leather, diy-ing, and alot of prints ! you couldn't bate it with a stick!

Until next time;



  1. Looks like you picked up some really fab stuff.

    Oh and the shoes is Gorg!

    Found you thru BBU -now following!

    1. Thanks my lovely, I'l be sure to check out your blog :) x

  2. Replies
    1. Aw i'm glad you like them :) thanks for your lovely comment ! x

  3. you are sooo adorable! those shoes are hottttt!

    1. Thank you hun, I've actually bought more of those shoes in a different colour!!
      Blog post of my new beauts to follow!

  4. Love the shoes! Sugarbabe actually does the best shoes i get all mine there!

    follow me back http://stylemericci.blogspot.ie/


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